Bursary for foundation in roofing for young people 25 years old or less

What the bursary can be used for?

  • Short courses at South Coast Roof Training Centre in conservation roofing.
  • The Sussex Heritage Trust will book and pay for the course.
  • We will give students up to £25 contribution to travel costs.
  • We will contribute up to £25 subsistence
  • We will pay for accommodation local to the museum if required and dependent on location.
  • Please indicate on application form.
  • We will give the student a one off £50 contribution towards the purchase of additional tools on completion of the course and Evaluation Form.
  • Clarke Roofing are able to offer mentoring and advise to students attending the courses.

What is the criteria?

  • The student must be between the ages of 18-25 to apply for this bursary.
  • The student must be based in Sussex.
  • The student must be new to roofing or looking to improve their basic skills.
  • The student is to attend the full course and let us know in good time if, for any reason, they are unable to attend.
  • The student is to complete our Evaluation Form together with a short synopsis of the course and the benefits it has provided.
  • The student agrees to have some photographs taken during the course for Sussex Heritage
  • Trust to use on the website and social media.
  • If the student does not attend the full course without letting us know in good time or withdraw from it, then they may be required to pay back what has
  • already been paid to them and the cost of the course.
  • As part of the process the student may be asked to complete a short telephone interview with the Sussex Heritage Trust.

If you have any queries please email office@sussexheritagetrust.org.uk


Bursary for foundation in roofing for young people 25 years old or less sponsored by Clarke Roofing Ltd