Sussex Heritage Trust Awards: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Sussex Heritage Trust Award

What is an Individual Award?

The individual Awards – The Building Crafts Award and the Sussex Heritage Person of the Year Award are presented to individuals rather than to projects.  The winners of these Awards receive a small version of the large plaque (a paperweight).  All winning projects and highly commended receive certificates.

What is a Special Award?

There are two special Awards – The South Downs Award and The Eco Award.  To enter these categories you must have entered one of the main nine categories.  There is no fee for these Awards.  Only winning projects in the main nine categories will be considered for these Awards.  To see the criteria click here

Do I need to put together a glossy entry pack?

Not at all. We welcome all Award entries using our online entry form (also available in download and email Word document and PDF formats) – this is then used by our judging teams on their visit to your project.

What do I need to send with my Award entry submission?

Please send a completed entry form, 6 before and 6 after photographs of the project, plans – restricted to the planning application and accompanying drawings, a location map and a post code of the site of the project.  Please provide the images in as high resolution as possible via DropBox or WeTransfer.

Does the project need to be complete?

Yes – all projects need to be completed by the time of the judging team’s visit.  Projects must have been completed within the last 3 years, with the exception of the Landscape and Gardens category, where the timescale since completion is extended to 7 years.

Do you need to publish the address of the project?

No – just let the administrative team know the project needs to be anonymous, for example: ‘Large House, West Sussex’. To judge the entry our judging teams will still need access to the project.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes – we charge an administration fee depending on the category you enter. Entry fees are as follows:

Building Craft – £65

Commercial – £200

Ecclesiastical – £150

Landscape and Gardens – £150

Large Scale Residential – £200

Mid-Scale Residential  – £170

Public and Community – £150

Small Scale Residential – £150

Sussex Heritage Person of the Year – £65

All monies received go towards the continuing work of the Sussex Heritage Trust

Do you have a shortlist?

No – all the Award entries are visited by our judging teams and there is no shortlist.

Is there a first, second and third place for the Awards?

No – there can be multiple Award winners and Highly Commended projects in any category.

Can you tell me if we have won an Award before the Awards lunch and ceremony?

No – all Awards and Highly Commended projects are announced at the Awards lunch and ceremony and published on the Sussex Heritage Trust website on the same day.

What do I receive if I win an Award or Highly Commended commendation?

All Award winners receive a hand-crafted slate plaque which are designed to be attached to the winning project if you wish.  In addition, all Award winners and all Highly Commended projects receive a certificate hand signed by our President, Lord Egremont DL. The Building Craft Awards are given to an individual rather than the project and they receive a smaller version of the slate plaque.

What happens if I cannot attend the Awards lunch and ceremony?

If you have an Award or a Highly Commended certificate we will be in touch after the ceremony and arrange delivery of your Award and/or certificate.

Will we receive media coverage?

The Sussex Heritage Trust has a longstanding media partnership with Johnston Press, who widely publish the Award winners across their nine regional titles.

Remember the Sussex Heritage Trust Awards Administrative team is always here to help and answer any questions, just give us a call on 01243 576 524 or click here to email us.