Old St Helen’s Ore, Hastings

The Old St Helen’s Ore project was originally started by Sussex Heritage Trust back in 2008, but only insofar as applying for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

In 2011 with the successful Heritage Lottery Funding and donations and financial contributions from English Heritage, the Isabel Blackman Foundation, the Ian Askew Charitable Trust and Mr and Mrs David Kowitz and other anonymous donors. The Trust then employed a project manager, professional stonemasons, builders and landscapers, who were joined by a group of able volunteers to complete the project.

The project consolidated the fabric of the remaining stonework to ensure the long term stability for the ruins and conserve the churchyard and its contents.  Access for visitors was improved around the site with a new entrance and an extended  new internal staircase in the tower.  Works were undertaken to control the damage to graves by badgers.  Works were complemented by a community archaelological project, new historical and ecological interpretation and programmes for other local interest groups.

Since completion in 2013 this Ancient Scheduled Monument has been formally adopted by Hastings Borough Council and was a winner of the Public and Community Award at the 2014 Sussex Heritage Awards.

For further information please visit http://www.oldsthelenschurch.org.uk