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We need your support to ensure we can help and support craftspeople in Sussex. To make a donation to the Sussex Endangered Crafts Fund, however big or small, please use the ticketsource link below. If you would prefer to donate by cheque or directly to the Trust using your debit or credit card then please get in touch with the Sussex Heritage Trust on 01243 576 524.

Sussex Endangered Crafts Fund

Thanks to funding from the Ian M Foulerton Trust the Sussex Heritage Trust has teamed up with Heritage Crafts Association to invite craft practitioners and organisations in Sussex to apply for small grants to fund projects that support and promote endangered crafts.

In order to apply, the craft must be listed as endangered or critically endangered on the current HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts which can be seen here.

During the pandemic our craft skills are at more risk than ever before. This fund can now be used to address the specific challenges of COVID-19 to endangered skills and knowledge. There will be a maximum of £2,000 available for each project and the Heritage Crafts Association will work with you to develop and support your work. For example, this may include:

  • training for yourself to learn a new craft or technique;
  • training for an apprentice so that you can pass on skills and knowledge;
  • specialist equipment that will enable you to practice a craft or add a new product to your business;
  • materials and equipment to start running workshops; or
  • innovative approaches to supporting and promoting endangered crafts.
  • in addition to the funding you will also receive support from the Endangered Crafts Officer and the Heritage Crafts Association team to ensure that your project is a success. This will be unique to your project, but it could include mentor support, business support or signposting to other opportunities.

The Sussex Endangered Crafts Fund is ringfenced for projects in Sussex, so you will only be  competing for funds with projects in the counties of East and West Sussex and Brighton and Hove, not with projects elsewhere in the UK.  To get an idea of the kinds of things you might apply for, take a look at some of the successful projects from around the UK in the previous application rounds; to-date we have awarded ten grants to Sussex-based craftspeople including flintwallers, a brickmaker, a trug maker, millwrighter and wallpaper conservationist.

For details of the latest recipients of the Endangered Crafts Fund please click here.

For information and advice on Endangered Crafts Fund and how you might receive some further support please contact Mary, Endangered Crafts Officer at the Heritage Crafts Association.  Mary’s email address is mary@heritagecrafts.org.uk

The current round closes on Friday 4th October 2024.

Training bursaries for those in Sussex experiencing financial hardship

Working with Heritage Crafts, the Sussex Heritage Trust will be offering traditional crafts training bursary of up to £4,000, specifically to help new entrants and early-career craftspeople in Sussex who have been prevented from embarking upon necessary training as a result of financial hardship.

Applicants will be selected based on the quality of the training provided and the likelihood of continuation and gainful employment. The training will be overseen by relevant tutors or trainers as nominated by the successful candidate and approved by Heritage Crafts assessors. This can include either accredited courses or informal learning identified by the applicant, and the quality of the training will be verified by Heritage Crafts staff and advisors before any funding is awarded. With reports that graduates of many contemporary crafts degrees are entering the workplace with insufficient hand skills, the focus will be on high-level haptic learning.

Bursary applications will open on 29 April with a deadline on Friday 5th July 2024 at 5pm. A shortlist will be drawn up based on set criteria, with candidates invited for interview in August.

Successful applicants will receive longitudinal monitoring and support from Heritage Crafts staff to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity to establish a long-term future in the heritage craft of their choice. Indicators of success will include long-term continuation, gainful employment or self-employment, and indicators around wellbeing, mental health, sense of agency and self-determination, which will form part of the monitoring process.

A representative of the Sussex Heritage Trust will be invited to present certificates to the bursary recipients at a high profile Winners Reception in November 2024 presented by Jay Blades MBE (held for the last three years at the House of Lords and Windsor Castle).

For information and advice on Endangered Crafts Fund and how you might receive some further support please contact Mary, Endangered Crafts Officer at the Heritage Crafts Association.  Mary’s email address is mary@heritagecrafts.org.uk