Sussex Heritage Trust Awards – image specifications for submission

Your images may be printed in the Awards programme, publicity materials and appear on our website. We recommend submitting large, high quality images that show off your project to its best advantage.

Please submit your images in .JPG format. Most photo editing apps will allow you to optimise .JPG images for high quality or small file size – or anywhere in between. Please choose higher quality settings, as creating small file sizes is achieved by image ‘compression’, which can cause a noticeable drop off in quality (see example comparison below).

Acceptable image dimensions are flexible to a degree. Generally the optimum size will be between 2,500 – 3,500 pixels along the longest edge for a high quality image that can be reproduced well in print as well as on the web site. There is no need to consider ‘resolution’ (dpi) – simply measure your images by the overall pixel dimensions.

If your images are smaller than this, please do not enlarge them in a photo editing app, as this will ‘soften’ the look of the image – just submit them as they are as long as they are no smaller than 1,000 pixels x 700 pixels.

File sizes will vary greatly depending on image complexity/detail, sharpness and pixel dimension. As a guide, high quality images within the pixel dimensions described may have a file size of between 500kb and 3.5mb.

Please do not submit images larger than 5mb in size. Images smaller than around 400kb may not be of sufficiently quality to help your project look its best.

Lastly, in submitting your images you are declaring that you are either the owner of the images or have permission to use them.